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Imaginatively journey to Holy Island

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a place of wild beauty and ancient meaning. When a dear friend had to cancel her long-planned pilgrimage there recently, I created this virtual pilgrimage as a gift to her.

Now, let it be a gift to you, too. 

Lindisfarne Virtual Pilgrimage.png
Lindisfarne: About

Clicking download will allow you to download the PDF document onto your own device. I recommend using it on a tablet or desktop computer to get the best experience.

Feel free to use the resource as you like, perhaps working through it over a few days, so you can let the questions simmer. Or perhaps take it with you on your own local walk, stopping regularly to read the reflections and then pondering the questions as you walk.

I hope it will be a gift to you. Please don't copy or reproduce any part of this offering without my express permission. All photos were taken either by myself or my sister Jen Stewart. 

If you have appreciated this offering, you may wish to make a donation towards my ongoing work.

Lindisfarne: Text
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