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Hi, I am Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen, a Spiritual Director and Retreat and Pilgrim Guide. I started Ordinary Pilgrim to offer support and resources to those wanting to walk their Life Journey with greater intention and authenticity, and with a deep connection to God.

Ordinary Pilgrim is rooted in the Christian faith, but open to all who are seeking a deeper connection with Divine Love. Its offerings are centred in the contemplative and mystic streams of Christianity, open to Mystery, and seeking the Sacred in the Ordinary. 

I’m delighted to offer guided pilgrimages and retreats, Spiritual Direction, and workshops and courses to enable you to grow and deepen your spiritual walk. 

I received my formation in Spiritual Direction through Encounter, the three year programme from the London Centre for Spiritual Direction, where I am also a Community Member. I am now a Tutor for the third year of the Encounter course.

I have a background in leadership and communications in the NGO sector, most recently with Prison Fellowship England and Wales, and as co-founder of Serve the City Luxembourg. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband and two young children.



The pinecone is the most ancient fruit - three times older than any flower, it was already around when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

This ancient seed is also rich in spiritual symbolism. It's spines spiral in a Fibonacci sequence - sacred geometry. Pinecones are the female of the species, and have been a symbol of fertility in many cultures - Celtic women would put pinecones beneath their pillows when they hoped to conceive.

It's also a symbol of the "third eye" and enlightenment, and some retellings of the Creation story say it was the "fruit" of the Tree of Life!

To me, it symbolises the Ordinary Pilgrim's mystic nature, deep connection to the natural world and to Creator who breathes life into it all.

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