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Look back to look forward

Spiritual mapping is an exercise that allows you to reflectively and prayerfully look back over your life at the significant movements and moments, and recognise how the Divine was present to you in each season. 

This may be a good exercise for you if you are asking questions such as:

Who is God to me and how has my image of God shifted?

How have I experienced the Presence of the Divine through the different chapters of my life?

What are the narratives of faith I have inherited and believed, and how do they impact my current connection with God?

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Spiritual Mapping

Spiritual Mapping

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Once you have watched the introductory video, download the PDF file below and begin to walk through the exercises.

I have offered a variety of creative ways to engage with your spiritual journey and I invite you to choose the exercises that most speak to you as you read them.

Set aside some focused time to work through the exercises. Remove distractions, make sure you are comfortable, and have any creative materials with you that you might like to use (e.g. coloured pens, collaging materials).

You may also like to light a candle, or sit in silence for a few moments before beginning. Trust what arises within you as you move through your spiritual landscape. 

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Clicking the download button will either open the PDF in your browser or download it directly to your device.


The same written content, but with all images and background colours removed to make it easier on your printer!

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Your spiritual mapping exercise will be enriched by processing it out loud with someone else once you have spent some time with it.

That might be a good friend who could hold listening space for you to share what has arisen - you could both do the exercise and take turns sharing - or your spiritual director if you have one. 

If you would like to process what has arisen with you, I am offering one-off individual spiritual direction sessions and would be honoured to hold sacred space for you.

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If you found the Spiritual Mapping exercises helpful and want to continue reflecting on your spiritual journey and in particular, how that is changing in the current season you find yourself in, then the Faith Shift Course is for you.

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