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Mapping your Spiritual Journey - Workbook

Mapping your Spiritual Journey - Workbook

My role as a spiritual companion means I get to hear a lot of stories. I hear the ones people come prepared to share, and the ones that surprise them by showing up in the conversation unannounced. I hear stories that produce tears and stories that produce laughter. And sometimes I am deeply honoured to hear stories that have never been uttered before to another soul.

Our stories are sacred because they shape who are are today, and who we will continue to become tomorrow. 

Where we have been and how we remember the path we trod deeply impact our sense of who we are. And they also form our sense of who God is and how we might encounter the Divine in our lives.

It can be so helpful then, to intentionally spend some time looking back at our spiritual journey, paying attention to the narratives we have told or been told about what happened, and noticing the red threads that weave their way through the whole tale.

All of us shift on our spiritual journeys - we don't stand still with the same beliefs and ideas our whole life. And so taking some time to be curious about that journey and the shifts we've made can be deeply meaningful and illuminate the path forward.

This is a ten page PDF,  packed with ideas for how to approach your spiritual mapping. There are tables and lists for those of you who like structure and multiple creative approaches if you prefer that (or want to step out of your comfort zone!).


Approach this with curiosity and wonder - you are a unique and never-to-be-repeated imprint of the Divine in this world! As you uncover your truest Self, you uncover more of what it means to encounter God - the expansive, mysterious, loving Source.

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